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Table 4 Remuneration for MoPH doctors, 2002

From: Integrated strategies to tackle the inequitable distribution of doctors in Thailand: four decades of experience

Remuneration Rate (USD)
(per month)
Salary (new graduate) 203 standard salary for PC* 4 level 3
Non-private practice allowance 250 anyone without private practice
On-call payment (general) 250–300 USD20 per shift (more than 8 hours)
Payment for special procedures during non official hours 72–126 rate depends on number and kind of procedures; provincial hospital doctors usually receive much more, sometimes up to USD1,500
Special allowance for rare** specialties 100 e.g., Pathologist
Professional allowance** 90–250 for medical profession PC level 7 up
Special allowance for rural district hospital doctors 50–500 USD50–55 for regular districts (532 districts) USD250 for remote districts (127 districts) USD500 for the remotest and most difficult districts (69 districts)
  1. Source: Bureau of Health Policy and Plan, MoPH, 2002 The exchange rate is USD1 = THB40 * PC = Position Classification ** Not for new graduates