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Table 2 Example of step 1 of the baseline model (scenario 0): General Practitioners in the Netherlands

From: Ten years of health workforce planning in the Netherlands: a tentative evaluation of GP planning as an example

Part of model Calculation
Current available supply For 2009, the total number of available GPs was 10,215; of these, 6,129 were male and 4,086 were female. On average, male GPs worked 0.822 FTE and female GPs 0.551 FTE. With these numbers, the total available supply in FTE for 2009 can be calculated as 7,290 FTE.
Current required supply Experts estimated that in 2009 the gap between health-care demand and available supply was 1%. Based on the total available supply in 2009 of 7,292 FTE and the gap of 1%, the required health-care supply can be calculated for 2009; this is estimated at 7,363 FTE.