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Table 4 Suggested solutions by the student respondents to problems of working in a rural area and dealing with the rural population

From: Student perception about working in rural Nepal after graduation: a study among first- and second-year medical students

Solutiona Number (%)
Creating awareness among people about modern medicine 72 (38.9)
Training medical professionals to meet challenges of rural health 30 (16.2)
Improving general education in rural areas 20 (10.8)
Providing health education to the rural population 18 (9.7)
Arranging orientation program for doctors before posting in rural areas 12 (6.5)
Decreasing the gap between rural people and doctors 10 (5.4)
Providing medicines at cost price and free medical consultation 10 (5.4)
  1. aThese are suggested solutions by first- and second-year medical students. The relevance of these suggested solutions have been partly discussed in the Discussion. Many of these may be ‘generic’ solutions and more studies may be needed to obtain feasible solutions which can be implemented in practice.