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Table 5 Resource score composition

From: A survey of Sub-Saharan African medical schools

Medical school resource indices Components
Building score Library building (size & quality),
Classrooms (quantity & quality),
StudentrResidences (quantity & quality)
Library score Library building (size & quality),
Book collection (quantity & quality),
Journals (quantity & quality),
E-Journals (quantity & quality)
Clinical sites score Academic hospital(s) (quantity & quality),
District/Community hospitals (quantity & quality), Health centers/clinics (quantity & quality)
Laboratory score Teaching labs (quantity & quality),
Research labs (quantity & quality),
Skills laboratory (quantity & quality)
Internet score Computers for students (quantity & quality),
Internet for students (quantity & quality),
Computers for faculty (quantity & quality),
Internet for faculty (quantity & quality)
Advanced ICT score Conference call technology (quantity & quality),
Video conference technology (quantity & quality),
Telemedicine/Teleradiology links (quantity & quality)