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Table 3 Reported contents of antenatal care counseling known and discussed by HEWs to client ( n =50)

From: Knowledge and performance of the Ethiopian health extension workers on antenatal and delivery care: a cross-sectional study

Contents of antenatal care counseling discussed %
Importance of institutional delivery 86
To take extra amounts of food 86
Give information about HIV/AIDS 82
Take iron folate tablets 80
Counsel on birth preparedness 76
Expected date of delivery 74
Importance of skilled birth attendant 72
To get checked up during pregnancy 64
To get TT vaccination 56
To save money for emergency 54
To seek care if there is a health problem 52
To keep environmental sanitation and personal hygiene 46
To give colostrum to the baby 46
To avoid heavy work 44
Antenatal care at least four visits 44
Tell about danger signs during pregnancy 40
No pre-lacteals 32
Exclusive breastfeeding 30
To take rest 26
Put the baby to breast immediately after delivery 24
To arrange for emergency transport 18
Delay bathing until after 24 h 18
To sleep under a bed net 14
Nothing to be applied to the umbilical stump 4
Lactational amenorrhea method 0