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Table 1 Summary of different job satisfiers in public vs. private sectors, for specialists

From: ‘Going private’: a qualitative comparison of medical specialists’ job satisfaction in the public and private sectors of South Africa

Category Public satisfiers Private satisfiers
Rewards + Good benefits (for example, paid sabbatical leave, state pension), stable income +++ Much better pay generally (depending on level of specialization)
Physical environment ++ More predictable working hours - less ‘selling availability’  
   +++ Higher resource availability (incl. vis. other health workers)
   ++ Greater sense of career path or progression through more prestige and recognition
Social environment +++ More collegial relations among doctors  
  + Good relations with managers (in H1, not necessarily elsewhere) +++ Fewer stresses with ‘the administration’ and National/provincial DoH through self-employment
  ++ Patients less demanding, and less patient contact ++ Patients viewed as more compliant, more patient contact
   +++ More positive social relations with other health and hospital workers
Work itself +++ Opportunities for research and teaching (in academic settings)  
  +++ More opportunities for ‘challenge’, variety, and feeling ‘needed’ or relevant + More ‘straightforward’ and less complicated cases (valued by some)
   + Opportunity for state-of-the-art medical practice experience
   +++ More autonomy and ability to influence working environment
  1. Source: qualitative evidence.
  2. Note: ‘+’ signs signify estimates/guesses from the author of how important each job aspect appeared to respondents in the qualitative case study, with a score between 1(+) and 3(+++). Higher scores were accorded based around popularity of the issues and how clear and strong arguments were in their favor.