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Table 5 Characteristics of a good interdisciplinary team

From: Ten principles of good interdisciplinary team work

Themes Description
1. Leadership and management Having a clear leader of the team, with clear direction and management; democratic; shared power; support/supervision; personal development aligned with line management; leader who acts and listens.
2. Communication Individuals with communication skills; ensuring that there are appropriate systems to promote communication within the team.
3. Personal rewards, training and development Learning; training and development; training and career development opportunities; incorporates individual rewards and opportunity, morale and motivation.
4. Appropriate resources and procedures Structures (for example, team meetings, organizational factors, team members working from the same location). Ensuring that appropriate procedures are in place to uphold the vision of the service (for example, communication systems, appropriate referral criteria and so on).
5. Appropriate skill mix Sufficient/appropriate skills, competencies, practitioner mix, balance of personalities; ability to make the most of other team members' backgrounds; having a full complement of staff, timely replacement/cover for empty or absent posts.
6. Climate Team culture of trust, valuing contributions, nurturing consensus; need to create an interprofessional atmosphere.
7. Individual characteristics Knowledge, experience, initiative, knowing strengths and weaknesses, listening skills, reflexive practice; desire to work on the same goals.
8. Clarity of vision Having a clear set of values that drive the direction of the service and the care provided. Portraying a uniform and consistent external image.
9. Quality and outcomes of care Patient-centered focus, outcomes and satisfaction, encouraging feedback, capturing and recording evidence of the effectiveness of care and using that as part of a feedback cycle to improve care.
10. Respecting and understanding roles Sharing power, joint working, autonomy.