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Table 3 CEA with an intermediate outcome: cost per trainee who meets ART clinical performance standard

From: Cost-effectiveness analyses of training: a manager’s guide

  Computer-based training and three-day workshop Intensive two-week workshop and two on-site trainings
Cost of transfer of learning*   
Cost of training $12,025 $20,000
Cost of follow-up support by supervisors $8,000 $2,000
Total cost of transfer of learning $20,025 $22,000
Cost analysis   
Trainees 25 25
Cost per trainee $20,025/25 = $801 $22,000/25 = $880
Cost-effectiveness analysis   
Trainees who meets ART clinical performance standard** 15 22
Cost per trainee who meet ART clinical performance standard $20,025/12 = $1335 $22,000/23 = $1000
  1. *Transfer of learning includes both the training events and follow-up support.
  2. **The ART clinical performance standard is to perform 80% of the task correctly. According to this measure, the computer-based training was less effective.