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Table 1 Duties, key result areas and performance standards for junior Clinical Officers (COs)

From: The role of Clinical Officers in the Kenyan health system: a question of perspective

Duties Key Result Areas Standards of performance
Patient care and management A. Attending and treating patient ailments in an Outpatient/Inpatient department in a hospital, health center or dispensary. A) Documentation of history taking, physical examination, investigation and diagnosis of patients ailments and management
B. Counsel clients on treatment and compliance to treatment B) Clarity of investigation form(s) and correct interpretation of results
C) Clear documentation of prescriptions and follow-up of clients
D) Record all cases seen daily
Planning and conducting community health care activities A. Identify community health needs A) Documentation of community health needs
B. Plan and conduct community health activities B) Documentation of interventions undertaken to address community health needs
C. Develop reports for community health activities  
D. Establish community networks through community healthcare workers and community own resource persons (CORPs) (for COII and above)  
Training, counseling and guiding clinical students attached to the hospital/health center A. Identify training needs of students and staff A) Documentation of training plan for students and staff in the facility
B. Develop and conduct trainings and counseling for students in the facility B) Report of counseling and training program for students and staff in the facility
C) Orientation of students on clinical practice/areas and maintenance of their records
Supervising and counseling a small number of staff engaged in routine patient care and giving support and health education to patients A. Develop support supervisory plan A) Documentation of support supervision and on the job training of staff
  B. Identify training and counseling needs of staff B) Provide on the job training and counseling of staff