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Table 2 Trainings held for M&E Officers over 18 months with pre-test and post-test score, when collected

From: Establishing a health information workforce: innovation for low- and middle-income countries

  Training topic Date Description Average pre-test score Average post-test score
1 Health information management systems (HIMS) Oct 2007 5-day training to improve awareness, understanding, and technical skills of the M&E Officers in relation to the creation, acquisition, processing, dissemination, and use of quality health data N/A N/A
2 M&E workshop Nov 2007 5-day training to develop and strengthen the capacity of the M&E Officers to monitor and evaluate HIV/AIDS programs. The workshop covered five main areas: general M&E information, M&E frameworks, indicators and data sources, evaluation, and utilization of M&E information N/A N/A
3 National HIV/AIDS programs Apr 2008 6-day training providing an overview of national health programs administered throughout the country (e.g., HIV treatment, sexually transmitted infections, TB, HIV testing and counseling, etc.). 62.5 74.4**
4 Data management and utilization Sep-Oct 2008 5-day training on collecting, managing, analyzing, and interpreting health-care data using DHIS and e-BHRIMS 46.8 70.0**
5 Data analysis, report writing, and dissemination Mar 2009 5-day training on analyzing and disseminating M&E data, enhancing data quality, program planning, and program implementation at the district-level 64.0 78.0*
  1. * p < 0.05 based on a paired t-test.
  2. ** p < 0.001 based on a paired t-test.