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Table 4 Association between staff motivation and quality healthcare

From: Association between health worker motivation and healthcare quality efforts in Ghana

  Staff motivation factorsb
ESS and NHIA quality care markers Motivating factor 1 Motivating factor 2 Motivating factor 3 Motivating factor 4
ESS patient risk areas Coef. Coef. Coef. Coef.
  Leadership and accountability 0.2702a 0.3013a 0.2538a 0.0896
  Competency of workforce 0.1616a 0.1258a 0.2411a 0.1788a
  Environmental safety 0.1086 0.1306a 0.1600a 0.0452
  Clinical care 0.2621a 0.2273a 0.2918a 0.1526a
  Quality improvement 0.1776a 0.2387a 0.2952a 0.2463a
Overall quality care 0.2478a 0.2716a 0.2764a 0.1110a
NHIA core standard areas Coef. Coef. Coef. Coef.
  Range of services −0.1851a −0.1731a −0.1352a −0.0129
  Staffing −0.0847a −0.1219a −0.0099 0.0544
  Organization and management 0.0289 −0.1357a 0.1057 0.0858
  Quality and safety management 0.0419 0.0207 0.1475a 0.1250a
  Care delivery −0.0821 −0.0299 0.0854 0.0601
Overall quality care −0.0258 0.0271 0.0760 0.1236a
  1. aSpearman correlation coefficient statistically significant at 0.05 level of significance. Source: COHEISION Project Clinic Staff Interviews Data (March-June, 2012).
  2. bMotivating factors: Motivating factor 1 = clinic physical work environment; Motivating factor 2 = availability of resources and drugs; Motivating factor 3 = financial and extrinsic incentives; Motivating factor 4 = job prospects and career development.