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Table 2 Public sector remuneration (salary midpoints incorporating allowances) in international dollars and as a ratio to GNI per capita (all current: December 2011)

From: Removing financial barriers to access reproductive, maternal and newborn health services: the challenges and policy implications for human resources for health

  Value of salary and allowances in international dollars Salary expressed as ratio to per capita gross national income
  Doctora Nurse Midwife Doctor Nurse Midwife
Ghana 3932 2171 2171 28.4 15.7 15.7
Nepal 4408 3851   43.7 38.2  
Sierra Leone 3179 429c 578d 46.0 6.2c 8.4d
Zambia 5346 2167   46.5 18.4  
Zimbabweb 218 176   4.4 3.6  
  1. aGeneral medical doctor or closest equivalent available; bZimbabwe estimates are expressed in US dollars and as a ratio to per capita gross domestic product at current exchange rates; cstate-enrolled nurse; dstate-registered nurse and community midwife.