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Table 1 Summary of literature on community health worker a motivation

From: Sources of community health worker motivation: a qualitative study in Morogoro Region, Tanzania

Country, year, study design Bangladesh 1998b Bangladesh 2010c Bangladesh 2012c Ghana 2012b Ghana 2012b Guatemala 2012b Indonesia 1993b Iran 2011b Kenya 2010b Kenya 2012b Mexico 2001b US-Mexico border 2012c Malawi 2005b Nepal 2007b Sri Lanka 1989c South Africa 2002c South Africa 2011b Uganda 2012b Total
Citation 14 16 28 4 12 36 33 31 15 37 35 29 34 38 39 32 27 30  
Intrinsic motivators                    
  Altruism/moral calling            11
  Fill free time                  6
Extrinsic: Non-material, non-monetary motivators                    
  Improve own health                  3
  Improve family health                8
  Help family financially                    2
  Moral support from family                   5
  Family helps with work (CHW/household tasks)                   4
  Help community        14
  Gain respect/recognition         13
  Gain experience/skills        14
  Supervision/official recognition                 9
Extrinsic: Material motivators                    
  Non-monetary material rewards                 7
  Access to drugs/supplies/services                   4
Extrinsic: Financial motivators                    
  Family supports financially                    1
  Hope for future employment                9
  Monetary earnings           12
  Type of earnings Profit from sale of health commodities Monthly remuneration Stipends & payment per client interaction Stipends for events & meetings None None None Paid as employee Stipends for transport & training None Stipends for transport Cash for work expenses None None None None None None  
CHW deterrents                    
  Workload/time constraints             9
  Lack of/insufficient monetary earnings            11
  Family unsupportive                6
  Work unacceptable for women                  4
  Lack of transport/supplies                   5
  1. aThe title ‘community health worker’ and associated tasks vary across articles.
  2. bQualitative study.
  3. cMixed methods study.
  4. Signifies that CHWs mentioned a factor as a motivator (existing or desired) or deterrent. Factors listed represent a plurality of those mentioned across studies; the list is not exhaustive.