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Table 3 Conceptual framework for community health worker motivators

From: Sources of community health worker motivation: a qualitative study in Morogoro Region, Tanzania

  Sources of CHW motivation
Individual level (+) Love of the work
  (+) Commitment to public service/volunteerism
  (+) Desire for knowledge to help self and family
  (+) Desire to educate community
Family level (+) Moral support
  (+) Monetary support, including for supplies and transport
  (+) Material support, including housing
  (+) Help with work, including farm and domestic work and CHW tasks
Community level (+) Increased respect and recognition
  (+) Monetary contributions for services received
  (+) Material support, including food
  (+) Help with farm work
  (−) Rejection of health messages
  (−) Devaluing volunteer work
Organizational level (+) Hope for future financial support or employment
  (+) Monetary support, including training stipends
  (+) Material support, including bicycles and job aids
(+) Training
(+) Supervision
  (−) Inadequate monetary earnings
(−) Insufficient supplies and job aids
  (−) CHWs interpret supervision as a sign of poor performance
  1. Adapted from Alam et al., 2012[28].
  2. Table legend: (+) Motivator; (−) Deterrent.