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Table 1 Generalist versus specialist community health worker typology

From: A review of generalist and specialist community health workers for delivering adolescent health services in sub-Saharan Africa

  Generalist Specialist
Recruitment Community involved in identification and selection of potential CHWs
  Advertisement for candidates through multiple media outlets
  Criteria: 18 to 40 years of age, from local community, permanent resident, literate, motivated
Training Initial: six months Initial: one to two weeks
On-the-job: six months On-the-job: two weeks
Ongoing: once per month
Refresher: every six months
Consists of didactic, interactive sessions Consists of didactic, interactive sessions
Core training Core training
  Access resources, service coordination, crises management, knowledge of health services, leadership, organizational skills, interpersonal communication skills, confidentiality Promotive, preventive, and therapeutic interventions
Job responsibilities Many Few
  Broad Specific
Monitoring and evaluation One supervisor per 20 to 25 CHWs
One annual internal evaluation
  One external evaluation every five years
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