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Table 4 Final analytical framework for clustering factors affecting rural service

From: For more than love or money: attitudes of student and in-service health workers towards rural service in India

Individual Organizational Contextual
• Age Financial attributes • Living facilities (housing, electricity, water, access to the market, hygiene)
• Gender • Salary • Proximity to family (near hometown)
• Marital status Facilities • Children’s development (availability of good schooling, extra activities, future opportunities)
• Need for respect/self-esteem (recognition for work, sense of fulfillment, prestige of the job) • Clinic infrastructure (drugs, equipment, laboratories, ambulance) • Family's well-being and comfort (spouse job availability, spouse career growth, support to parents)
• Personal attitudes toward rural work • Physical work environment (cleanliness, availability of water, electricity, toilets, good furniture, good construction, private cabins) • Safety (physical security, legal protection against political interference)
• Familiarity with rural context • Support staff (helping hands for working) • Connectivity (transport availability, no sense of isolation)
  • Mentoring staff (for advising and guiding) • Social life (entertainment facilities, social circle)
  • Workload (fixed working hours, shift systems, adequate number of patients) • Community type (comfort and connect with the community, no language barriers)
 Organizational policies and management  
  • Transfer policies and promotions (transparent policy, time of service in rural area clearly stated, no political interference in transfers)  
  • Job security (permanency of job, pensions)  
  • Regulatory policies to regulate absenteeism, punctuality of staff)  
  • Policies on leave (ability to take leave when required, especially emergency)  
  • Management (administration, bureaucracy)  
 Career growth opportunities  
  • Learning opportunities on the job  
  • Training opportunities  
  • Research opportunities  
  • Postgraduate opportunities