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Table 1 Funded research projects

From: Strengthening research capacity through the medical education partnership initiative: the Mozambique experience

Funded projects Funding source and amount (US$)
Immunogenetic variation in schistosomiasis and HIV co-infection UCSD CFAR ($40,000)
Etiology of bloodstream infections at MCH UCSD CFAR ($40,000)
Multiplex diagnostic system for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and quantification of CD4+ cells mBio diagnostics ($20,000)
Interactions between HIV-1 and Cysticercus cellulose in Beira, Mozambique UCSD CFAR ($40,000)
Etiologic role of human papillomavirus in conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma in Mozambique UCSD CFAR/CC NCI ($51,523)
Hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with HIV and HBV co-infection in Mozambique UCSD CFAR/CC NCI ($51,411)
Pooled nucleic acid testing to identify virologic failure during antiretroviral therapy NIH ($378,189)
Study of genetic diversity and primary resistance to lamivudine for hepatitis B virus in individuals coinfected with HIV in the area of health Mavalane UL/INS ($22,750)
Study of the frequency of occult hepatitis B in HIV co infection in the area of Health Mavalane UL/INS ($22,750)
Prevalence and incidence of latent tuberculosis among workers in the MCH - Health and usefulness of Interferon-gamma release assays to detect latent tuberculosis infection UCSD CFAR ($40,000)
Cardiovascular risk and disease in HIV-infected patients in Mozambique UCSD CFAR ($40,000)
Characterization of Salmonella spp in patients admitted to the department of medicine UCSD CFAR ($40,000)
Frequency of cryptococal antigenemia in HIV positive patients without antiretroviral treatment RU-DoM-MCH ($2,500)
Other projects to which funding has been committed  
Creation of a joint institutional ethics committee of Faculty of Medicine of the UEM and MCH EDCTP ($58,500)
Cure club foot project Cure international ($123,666)
  1. EDCTP, European Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership; INS, Instituto Nacional de Saude; NCI, NIH National Institute of Cancer NIH, United States National Institute of Health; RU-DoM-MCH, Research unit of the Department of Medicine, Maputo Central Hospital; UCSD CFAR, University of California San Diego Center for AIDS Research; UEM, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane; UL, University of Lisbon.