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Table 1 Sampling framework for the systematic review of models of care (MoC) literature using STARLITE

From: Implementing large-scale workforce change: learning from 55 pilot sites of allied health workforce redesign in Queensland, Australia

S: Sampling Strategy Selective: systematic reviews and intervention studies specific to the Queensland Health (QH) MoC projects taxonomy
T: Type of literature Any kind of literature, qualitative and quantitative studies, and gray literature
A: Approaches Subject searching, citation searching, internet searching, gray literature, available documents from QH
R: Range of Years (start date: end date) 2000 to 2012
L: Limits English, human
I: Inclusions and exclusions Inclusion: allied health, nursing, leadership, models of care, integrative health care, Exclusions: developing country health care, educational projects, school-based services, not related to new models of care delivery, clinical training, interprofessional education, recruitment, retention
T: Terms used Allied health, models of care, new roles, service redesign, role redesign, practice models, integrated delivery, skill development, collaboration, role substitution, interprofessional working, extended scope, health care assistant, screening services, triage
E: Electronic sources CINAHL(EBSCO), MEDLINE (EBSCO), Health Source: Nursing/Academic (EBSCO), AMED (EBSCO), PsycINFO (EBSCO), ERIC