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Table 6 Key mechanisms identified from synthesis of evidence

From: Supervision, support and mentoring interventions for health practitioners in rural and remote contexts: an integrative review and thematic synthesis of the literature to identify mechanisms for successful outcomes

Evidence (reference) Active involvement of stakeholders Organisational commitment Access to training, skills or knowledge for the intervention Needs analysis External support Regular feedback and evaluation opportunities Marketing of the programme Accessible and adequate resources Networking and relations
Brambila et al. [44]      
Buckley et al. [45]         
Butcher [60]      
Conger and Plager [37]        
Cunningham et al. [47]         
Dalton et al. [62]         
D'Souza [48]         
Gagnon and Minguet [71]         
Gibb et al. [61]      
Glazebrook et al. [50]        
Haythornthwaite [52]        
Hoon et al. [64]         
Kelley et al. [54]        
King et al. [53]        
Lynch and Happell [33, 34]    
Mitchell et al. [66]         
Newman et al. [56]         
Owen et al. [67]       
Schoo et al. [57]      
Schopp et al. [68]        
Stewart and Carpenter [72]      
Sullivan et al. [69]         
Teasley et al. [38]         
White et al. [58]        
Xavier et al. [36]       
Arora et al. [41]     
Bennett-Levy et al. [42]       
Blattner et al. [43]        
Brownlee et al. [15]         
Cameron et al. [39]        
Chipps et al. [73]        
Church et al. [46]        
Doorenbos et al. [14]     
Ellis and Philip [49]        
English et al. [35]     
Gardner et al. [75]       
Gorsche and Woloschuk [51]        
Healey-Ogden et al. [40]      
Koczwara et al. [55]    
MacKinnon [65]       
Tumosa et al. [70]    
Wright et al. [59]