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Table 2 Article typology

From: The implications of the feminization of the primary care physician workforce on service supply: a systematic review

Theme Subtheme Potential effect on supply - Direct/Indirect
Years of practice • Retirement Direct - for example, shortening of career or more lengthy absences from practice
• Leaves of absence
Hours of work • Full- versus part-time work Direct - for example, less time spent working overall, or less time spent on direct patient care in favour of other responsibilities
• Time spent on patient care
• Time spent on administrative responsibilities, professional development
Intensity of work • Number of services/time Direct - (lower service or patient volumes)
• Number of patients/time
Scope of work • Patient characteristics Indirect - (restrictions in scope of practice, or basket of services delivered; restricted patient population; reduced availability of out-of-office or off-hours care)
• Service provision
Practice characteristics • Location Indirect - (imbalance between urban- versus rural-based practices leading to shortages in some areas, oversupply in others)
• Group practice versus solo practice