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Table 3 Proportional distribution of eye health practitioners within countries

From: Mapping human resources for eye health in 21 countries of sub-Saharan Africa: current progress towards VISION 2020

  Mean% practitioners by location
Eye care cadre n countries Inside capital Outside capital
Ophthalmologists 20 67.2 32.6
Cataract surgeons 18 38.3 61.7
All surgeons 20 54.1 45.5
OCOs 7 29.4 70.6
Ophthalmic nurses 17 33.7 66.0
All OCOs/Nurses 19 30.0 69.6
Optometrists 15 66.3 33.7
Mid-level refractionists 16 41.4 58.6
All refractionists 16 49.8 50.2
  1. Table legend: ‘0’ practitioners in countries where individual cadres do not exist have been excluded in analyses of mean proportions for individual cadres and considered to be zero when cadres are combined. Botswana: location data for ophthalmic nurses comes from the government sector only. Ghana: data on ophthalmologists and optometrists does not include practitioners in the private sector. Malawi: ‘capital’ was interpreted as the three largest cities in the country. Uganda: data for mid-level refractionists does not include practitioners in the private sector. Figures in bold indicate ratios for combined categories of practitioners.