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Figure 10

From: Trends and implications for achieving VISION 2020 human resources for eye health targets in 16 countries of sub-Saharan Africa by the year 2020

Figure 10

Projected cataract surgery rates 2011–2050 in six selected countries. Projected cataract surgery rates (CSRs) are presented for seven countries to illustrate different patterns of growth in the sample. Three countries that are currently below the VISION 2020 target are projected to have increasing ratios between 2011 and 2020. Senegal will eventually reach the VISION 2020 target without intervention in 2028, Ethiopia may reach the target after 2050, but in Mali, proportional growth in CSR will eventually be outpaced by growth in the general population and the VISION 2020 target is never expected to be achieved without intervention. Currently at the VISION 2020 target, Gambia’s CSR is expected to increase further, while the CSR in Benin and Tanzania, currently below target, is expected to decrease further, beyond 2020.

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