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Table 3 Prioritization of topics for training according to ranking by participants

From: Continuing professional development training needs of medical laboratory personnel in Botswana

Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4
≥ 80% 70%-79% 60%-69% (≤59%
Quality system essentials for medical laboratory Management of non-conformances in laboratory services Evidence based laboratory medicine Health informatics
Implementing a quality management system Use of external quality assessment to improve testing procedures Statistics in laboratory medicine Point of care testing
Techniques to identify and control sources of errors in laboratory procedures Internal quality control and Westgard Rules Molecular diagnostic methods and genetics Ethics and professionalism
  Laboratory accreditation: principles and processes Laboratory and disease surveillance Supervision and delegation
  Evaluation and selection of analytical methods and equipment Equipment maintenance Data management, report writing and presentation skills
  Definition, establishment and use of reference ranges Basic cost accounting for clinical laboratory services Rational selection of tests
  Specimen management Management of resources and supplies Medical tariffs (Billing and coding)
  Customer care Monitoring and evaluation Costing of laboratory tests and procedures
  Competence assessment Team building Grant proposal writing
  Preceptorship and mentorship Strategic planning Manuscript preparation
  Case studies in clinical microbiology Case studies in cytology and histology Basic computer skills (Microsoft suite)
  Case studies in clinical chemistry   
  Case studies in hematology   
  Case studies in medical parasitology   
  Case studies in blood transfusion science   
  Research proposal development and operational research   
  1. The participants indicated the topics as most important.