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Table 1 Pull factors for international medical graduates (IMGs) and number of accepted asylum seekers in 2012

From: Aspects of medical migration with particular reference to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Pull factors for IMGs United Kingdom Netherlands
Long-lasting history of medical migration yes no
Same language as in country of origin yes no
Quick assessment procedure yes, since 1975 yes, since 2005
Medical schools experienced in additional training of IMGs yes no
After medical study: working permit necessary for non-EEA doctors yes, since 2006 yes, unless permanent visa
After medical study: possibilities for consultant training position yes; until 2006 yes, but only for locally trained IMGs
Medical staff in hospitals is international yes no
Health care is dependent on IMGs yes no
Better remuneration than in country of origin yes yes
Primary reason to migrate: further medical education yes no
Number of accepted asylum seekers in 2012 14,570 5,920