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Table 2 Undergraduate and postgraduate health programmes in the faculties of Angola, Guinea Bissau and Mozambique

From: The rise of medical training in Portuguese speaking African countries

University and faculty/unit Country Undergraduate programme besides medicine Postgraduate programme
Agostinho Neto - Faculty of Medicine Angola No. An attempt to offer dental training in 1980/81 failed as none of the students succeeded in completing successfully the first year of training Masters in Field and Laboratory Epidemiology
    Masters in Public Health (collaboration with the Faculty of Economics)
    Postgraduate studies in Neuro-psychology
Agostinho Neto - CEDUMED   No Specialization course in health management (option: hospital administration)
    Master in Medical Education
Jean Piageta   Clinical Psychology No
   Nursing and Midwifery  
   One year preparatory programme for prospective health students  
Instituto Superior Técnico Militar   No Offers a Masters programme in partnership with Beira Interior University, Portugal
Katiavala Bwila (Benguela)   No No
11 de Novembro (Cabinda)   No No
Lueji A’Nkonde (Malange)b   No No
José Eduardo dos Santos (Huambo)   No No
Mandume ya Ndemufayo (Lubango)b   No No
ISCM-CH Universidad de La Habana - Raul Diaz Arguelles Bissau, Guinea Bissau No No
Jean Piaget   No No
UniZambeze Mozambique Dentistry  
Eduardo Mondlane   No Masters in Field Epidemiology
    Masters in Public Health
UniLurio   Dentistry Masters in Education in Health Sciences
   Pharmacy Masters in Tropical Medicine and International Health
Catolica de Moçambique   Nursing Masters in Public Health
   Clinical and laboratory exams  
   Interdisciplinary studies on  
   HIV/AIDS and health  
   Clinical Psychology and Social Assistance  
   Administration and Hospital Management  
  1. aThere are several courses in health and allied sciences but not in the Faculty of Medicine; bInformation retrieved for university web site on 15 January 2014.