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Table 1 Data sources and baseline values for Jamaica Human Resources for Health (HRH) simulation model for pharmacists

From: Needs-based human resources for health planning in Jamaica: using simulation modelling to inform policy options for pharmacists in the public sector

Module Data element Data source Baseline value
Training Seats UTech 85 new students per year
Programme attrition UTech 19% (81% graduation rate)
Programme length UTech 4 years
Graduate out-migration UTech 90%
Supply In-migration SERHA 0
Existing provider stock SERHA/UWI ERU 55
Exit rates SERHA 5% per year
Work and productivity Participation rate SERHA 55%
Activity rate SERHA 125% (average 50 hours/week)
Productivity MoH 16,800 items dispensed per FTE pharmacist per year
Needs Population STATIN 1.33 million
Need MoH/STATIN Incidence/prevalence of major health conditions ranged from 0.01% (tuberculosis; rheumatic fever) to 0.9% (cancer)
Level of service MoH/National Health Fund # prescriptions per recipient per year by condition ranged from 3 (arthritis) to 10 (psychosis)
  1. Abbreviations: FTE, full-time equivalent; MoH, Ministry of Health; SERHA, South East Regional Health Authority; UTech, University of Technology; UWIERU, University of West Indies Epidemiology Research Unit.