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Table 1 Independent variables for the difference-in-difference (DID) model

From: Impact of hospital mergers on staff job satisfaction: a quantitative study

  Categories Variable name Descriptions
Work environment Autonomy improve Can contribute towards improvements?
trusted I am trusted to do my job
Perceived quality of Trust satis Satisfied with quality of work?
toppriority Care of patients/service users is my Trust's top priority
recomd I would recommend my Trust as a place to work
incident Action taken following errors
Team work discusseff Team members often meet to discuss the teams effectiveness
teamcomm Team members have to communicate closely with each other to achieve the teams objectives
Support from organization equal Trust provides equal opportunities to staff?
qualapp Had good quality appraisal in last 12 months?
hands Had health and safety training in last 12 months?
trainbetter My training, learning and development has helped me to do my job better/more effectively
upprof My training, learning and development has helped me stay up-to-date with professional requirements
supsup Support from supervisor
commun Good communication between managers and staff?
Drivers of job satisfaction Job clarity differ Role makes a difference?
clearobj I have, clear, planned goals and objectives for my job
knowrep I always know what my responsibilities are
Tension wkpres Work pressure felt
exthrs Work extra hours?
stress Suffered work-related stress in last 12 months?
viopat Experienced violence from patients/relatives in last 12 months?
  viocol Experienced violence from colleagues in last 12 months?
harpat Experienced harassment from patients/relatives in last 12 months?
harcol Experienced harassment from colleagues in last 12 months?
Dummy variables Data year 2008 Dummy variable for year 2008
2009 Dummy variable for year 2009
2010 Dummy variable for year 2010
2011 Dummy variable for year 2011
2012 Dummy variable for year 2012
Mental health hospital mh Dummy variable for working in mental health trusts
Occupation group nurses Dummy variable for nurses
medden Dummy variable for medical and dental staff
ahp Dummy variable for allied health professionals
s&t Dummy variable for science and technical staff
admingm Dummy variable for administrative and general management staff