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Table 2 Websites of professional associations, research networks, and international and national non-governmental organizations used in scoping review

From: A scoping review of training and deployment policies for human resources for health for maternal, newborn, and child health in rural Africa

Name Website
African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST)
African Health Workforce Observatory
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Global Health Workforce Alliance
The Health Policy Monitor
Health Professionals for a New Century
HRH Global Resource Center
International Confederation of Midwives
International Council of Nurses
International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Institute for Education Sciences (ERIC)
Medicus Mundi
Regional East African Community Health (REACH) Policy Initiative
SUPPORT: Supporting Policy Relevant reviews and Trials
THET Partnerships for Global Health
The World Bank
WHO Collaborating Centre – University of Western Cape
WHO Regional Office for Africa