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Table 1 Neurology MEPI Trainee Projects

From: Global medical education partnerships to expand specialty expertise: a case report on building neurology clinical and research capacity

Project title Degree sought Year started
Factors Associated With Stroke Among Hypertensive Patients: A Case Control Study Among Patients Admitted In Urban Hospitals In Kampala, Uganda. MS 2012
Depression In Post-Stroke Patients Attending A Peri-Urban Hospital In Kampala Uganda. MS 2012
The Prevalence And Factors Associated With Multiple Anti-Epileptic Drug Requirement In Children. MS 2012
The Association Between Immune Status And HIV Depression With Pain Comorbidity. MS 2012
Prevalence And Risk Factors Of ADHD Among Children Attending Neurology And Psychiatric Clinics At Mulago National Referral Hospital. MS 2013
Prevalence Grading And Associated Risk Factors For Peripheral Neuropathy Among Diabetic Patients Attending Mulago Diabetic Outpatient Clinic. MS 2013
Prevalence And Factors Associated With Lower Serum Vitamin B12 Among Diabetic Patients Attending The Diabetic Clinic - Mulago Hospital. MS 2013
Sodium Intake In Post-Stroke Patients, And Its Influence On BP Control And Stroke Outcomes In Uganda. PhD 2012
Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Prevention And Outcome Of Stroke In Children With Sickle Cell Anemia. PhD 2012