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Table 9 Country staffing ratios and implications for estimating staffing needs to treat patients based on country-level or other large-scale plans or proposals*

From: Estimating health workforce needs for antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings

Country Annual total HRH by end of proposed scale-up Target number on ART by end of proposed scale-up Patient: total staff ratio at end of scale-up Number to treat 1000 on ART
Tanzania** 3014 423 050 140 7
Mozambique***20 1069 132 000 124 8
Rwanda23**** 1769 57 959 33 31
Zambia6+ 176* 24 420 139 7
  1. *MDs, nurses, staff counsellors, lab technicians and pharmacists (if included). Administrators were not included in the country-level estimates.
  2. **from United Republic of Tanzania HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Plan, October 2003.
  3. ***from The National Strategic Plan to combat STI/HIV/AIDS, Government of Mozambique, July 2003
  4. ****Peer/PLWHA adherence promoters not included. Inclusion of these would decrease ratios to 4.5., HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Plan, Government of Rwanda, June 2003
  5. +Counselors and lab technicians not included.