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Table 1 Reward categories and subcategories

From: Identifying nurses' rewards: a qualitative categorization study in Belgium

Financial rewards Non-financial rewards Psychological rewards
Monthly pay (14/20)
The take-home pay
Presents (17/20)
Flowers, presents, chocolates
Recognition (17/20)
Appreciation shown, respect, win the regard of others
Other remuneration (12/20)
New Year's bonus, vacation allowance, money from patient
Human relations support (13/20)
Staff journey, New Year's reception
Patient contact (14/20)
Relationship with patient, ability to help others
  General services (7/20)
Vacation, health insurance, free meals
Compliments (14/20)
Receiving praise, congratulations
  Individualized advantages (4/20)
Attending training, comfortable work schedule
Social utility of the work (13/20)
Socially meaningful work, good feeling from job
   Gratitude (11/20)
Words and other expressions of thankfulness
   Social support (8/20)
Assistance, countenance, shown sympathy
   Work climate (5/20)
Positive relationship with colleagues, pleasant working conditions
   Confidence (4/20)
Trust as shown from the board, possibility to work autonomously
  1. Financial rewards M = 13/20, Non-financial rewards M = 10.25/20 and Psychological rewards M = 10.75/20