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Table 1 Job categories of the Texas public health workforce

From: Considerations for increasing the competences and capacities of the public health workforce: assessing the training needs of public health workers in Texas

Job category Examples of job titles
WIC/Nutritionists Those associated with the Women, Infants and Children's Programme: Nutritionist, WIC Counselor, WIC Supervisor
Nurses Licensed Nurses: LVN, BSN
Sanitarians Local inspectors: Restaurant Inspector
Dental Workers Dental assistants, dental hygienists, but not dentists
Case and Social Workers Caseworker, clinical social worker, community health service aid
Lab Microbiologists, lab workers
Licensed Health Professionals Pharmacists, Physicians, Veterinarian, Dentists
Animal/Vector Control Animal control, mosquito control
HIV/STD HIV/STD prevention, risk management
Health Educator Health Educator
Biostatisticians Epidemiologists Biostatistician, epidemiologist
Public Health Technician and other Public Health Technician, Programme Specialist (job categories within the TDSHS that were non-descriptive) and other
Manager or Administrator at TDSHS Manager, Director at TDSHS central office in Austin or a TDSHS regional health department
Manager or Administrator at LHD Administrative staff other than the director at a local health department: Manager, Health Services Coordinator, Director of Programmes