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Table 3 Average score of demotivating factors by health workers (N = 354)

From: The match between motivation and performance management of health sector workers in Mali

Factor Average score
Lack of material 8.2
Lack of recognition 3.2
Difficult living conditions 2.9
Lack of a job description 2.5
Subjective performance appraisal 2.5
Poor management 1.8
Partner living far away 1.8
Poor functioning of the health committee 1.2
Living far away from an urban centre 0.5
Living far away from places where decisions are being made 0.4
  1. Source: Survey for health workers(2001)
  2. Note: Each respondent scored the 5 most important factors at respectively 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points. If health workers had scored randomly, the average for each factor would have been 2.3 (SD = 0.17).