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Table 1 Factors influencing health care professionals' intent to migrate, reason for migrating and willingness to remain in their home country. Source: Vujicic M, Zurn P, Diallo K, Orvill A, Dal Poz MR 2004

From: The importance of human resources management in health care: a global context

  For what reasons do you intend to leave your home country? For what reasons did you leave your home country? What would make you remain in your home country?
Cameroon Upgrade qualifications (85%)
Gain experience (80%)
Lack of promotion (80%)
Living conditions (80%)
Recruited (29%)
Gain experience (28%)
Better pay (27%)
Living conditions (19%)
Salary (68%)
Continuing education (67%)
Working environment (64%)
Health care system management (55%)
Ghana   Gain experience (86%)
Lack of promotion (86%)
Despondency (86%)
Living conditions, Economic decline (71%)
Salary (81%)
Work environment (64%)
Fringe benefits (77%)
Resources in health sector (70%)
Senegal Salary (89%)
  Work environment (n/a)
Salary (n/a)
Better career path (n/a)
Benefits (n/a)
South Africa Gain experience (43%)
Violence and crime (38%)
Heavy workload (41%)
Declining health service (38%)
  Salary (78%)
Work environment (68%)
Fringe benefits (66%)
Workload (59%)
Uganda Salary (72%)
Living conditions (41%)
Upgrade qualifications (38%)
Gain experience (24%)
Salary (55%)
Economic decline (55%)
Save money (54%)
Declining health service (53%)
Salary (84%)
Fringe benefits (54%)
Work environment (36%)
Workload (30%)
Zimbabwe All factors All factors All factors