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Table 2 The percentage of frequency of competencies performed by the MPH alumni

From: Alumni survey of Masters of Public Health (MPH) training at the Hanoi School of Public Health

  3 most frequently performed 3 least frequently performed
  1 2 3 1 2 3
Public health management Plan and manage health programs (47.9%) Monitor health problems and epidemics in the community (37%) Develop indicators and instruments to monitor community health (35.2%) Evaluate and develop public health regulations (17.9%) Describe the health system structure and the drivers of health system change (25.3%) Consult in making public health policies and plans (25.3%)
Training Provide training in public health (37.7%) Develop health-related capacity building plans and strategies (37.6%) Monitor and evaluate a training program (33.8%) Evaluate the health human resource in terms of quality, quantity and need (29%)   
Research/evaluation Apply computer skills successfully in your work (66.4%) Collect health information in a community (41.1%) Assess and analyze the health situation of a community (35.6%) Apply the procedures of the Ethics committee in biomedical studies (15.3%) Apply qualitative methods in public health practice (20.5%) Use English effectively in your work (22.1%)
Leadership Communicate with the community, mobilizing the community to participate in health care activities (43.2%) Facilitate group work effective (39.5%) Use analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make decisions effectively (39.55%) Work effectively within culturally diverse groups and settings (26.7%) Lobby leaders for solving community health problems (28.8%) Create multi sectoral cooperation to solve community health problems effectively (29.3%)