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Table 3 The challenges of the MPH alumni in work settings, classified by competency groups

From: Alumni survey of Masters of Public Health (MPH) training at the Hanoi School of Public Health

Public health management competencies Teaching/training competencies Research/evaluation competencies Leadership competencies
- Lack of skills to evaluate health programs at lower level - Lack of skill to encourage student to study
- Lack of skill to train subordinates and lower-level health staff
- Poor self-study competency
- Lack of injury, health economic research development skill
- Lack of data analysis skill
- Poor Public Health English capacity
- Lack of skill to search for information in the Internet
- Lack of policy advocacy skill
- Lack of group conflict solving skill
- Lack of skill to persuade and explain to colleagues and leader
- Lack of skills to work in culturally diverse settings
- Lack of skill to persuade and explain to clients
- Lack of decision making skill
- Difficulty in creating intersectoral cooperation