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Table 1 NGO Partner goals as articulated by Global Health Fellows

From: Public-private partnerships to build human capacity in low income countries: findings from the Pfizer program

Category Illustrative goals Number (%) of Fellows who said this was an NGO goal
Management and planning Strengthening management of facilities, systems, or data; process or quality improvement; strategic, organizational or human resources planning; communication or marketing plan development 20 (34%)
Training and education Mentoring; training NGO staff; teaching students; educating community members 19 (32%)
Documentation Writing or revising Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or best practices; grant writing; producing publications 17 (29%)
Evaluation Evaluate an existing or proposed program; conduct assessment of staff 12 (20%)
Technical or scientific capacity building Software installation, database creation, laboratory or clinic set up; and research capacity development 9 (15%)
Promotion/external Relations Public relations; creating a development office; networking 9 (15%)
  1. multiple goals possible in one Fellowship