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Table 4 Typology of Pfizer corporate volunteering Fellowships

From: Public-private partnerships to build human capacity in low income countries: findings from the Pfizer program

Type 1 Accomplishments limited. Fellow provided volunteer assistance not requiring fellow's professional training and not building on expertise acquired through employment at Pfizer. The skills applied are available in-country or from many other international volunteers. Clients of the partner organization may have benefited from Fellow's personal efforts, but there was little or no permanent change in the ability of the partner organization of its staff to deliver services.

Type 2 Fellow provided technical expertise or training, based on fellow's professional training or Pfizer acquired expertise, which resulted in upgrading the skills of staff in the partner organization, or design of tools/methods for future changes. This may include creation of teaching curriculum, clinical guidelines and protocols, standard operating procedures as well as on-the-job and classroom training. No obvious effect on volume of services, but provided ground work for future improvements or increases in services, and quality may be improved.

Type 3 Using professional skills and/or Pfizer acquired expertise, Fellow worked with counterparts to introduce an operational or managerial improvement that will result in expanding services of the organization. Used skills or expertise not generally available in country. The quantity of service is increased directly, or as a result of improved efficiency/lowered unit cost of a service. May include changes in the organization and work ethic of a partner organization if these are directly attributable to the Fellow's effort and translate into sustainable service expansion.