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Table 1 The implementation timetable for Agenda for Change.

From: Assessing the impact of a new health sector pay system upon NHS staff in England

May 1997 Labour government elected
September 1997 Exploratory talks on a new NHS pay system begin
December 1997 White Paper on modernising the NHS is published
February 1999 Agenda for Change- Modernising the NHS Pay System is published
October 1999 First joint statement of progress
November 2000 Second joint statement of progress
November 2001 Third joint statement of progress
December 2002 Framework agreement agreed and published
January 2003 Proposed agreement and three-year pay deal announced
June 2003 'Early implementer' sites begin to implement Agenda for Change in England
December 2004 National roll-out of Agenda for Change starts in England
September 2005 Original deadline for assimilating staff on to new pay and conditions
October 2006 Original deadline for implementation of Knowledge and Skills Framework
February 2007 – April 2007 Consultation on draft proposals for unsocial hours payments
2007 Full implementation (other than ongoing consultation on new unsocial hours payments)
  1. Source: Buchan and Evans 2007 [1]