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Table 1 Reasons for job dissatisfaction and leaving the health workforce

From: Incentives for retaining and motivating health workers in Pacific and Asian countries

Low salaries Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu (WHO 2004) PNG (Bolger 2005) Vietnam (Dieleman 2005) Cambodia (Soeters 2003, Oum 2005) Thailand (Wibulpolprasert 2003)
Lack of adequate allowances Fiji (WHO 2004) Vietnam (Dieleman 2005)
Poor working conditions Fiji (WHO 2004) PNG (Bolger 2005) Vietnam (Dieleman 2005)
Inadequate facilities and shortages of drugs/equipment Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu (WHO 2004) Cambodia (Oum 2005), Pakistan (Dussault 2006)
Difficult transportation Vietnam (Dieleman 2005)
Weak support, supervision and management Fiji, Tonga (WHO 2004) PNG (IMRG 2006) Vietnam (Dieleman 2005) Cambodia (Soeters 2003)
Heavy workload Fiji, Samoa (WHO 2004) Vietnam (Dieleman 2005)
Mismatch in skills and tasks Fiji, Vanuatu (WHO 2004)
Limited opportunities for professional development Tonga (WHO 2004) Vietnam (Dieleman 2005)
Limited scope to upgrade qualifications Fiji, Samoa, Tonga (WHO 2004) PNG (Bolger 2005) Vietnam (Dieleman 2005, Nguyen 2005) Pakistan (Adkoli 2006)
Lack of job prospects India, Sri Lanka (Adkoli 2006)
Lack of promotion prospects/career structure Fiji, Samoa (WHO 2004)
Inadequate living conditions PNG (Bolger 2005)
Risk of violence/Lack of safety PNG (Bolger 2005)
Political instability Fiji (WHO 2004), Pakistan (Adkoli 2006)
Family members living abroad Samoa (WHO 2004)
Education prospects for children Fiji (WHO 2004)