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Table 3 Results of our model, Scenario 2: Starting with 34 000 enrolled for care by the end of year 1, ending with 94 000 enrolled by the end of year 3.

From: What if we decided to take care of everyone who needed treatment? Workforce planning in Mozambique using simulation of demand for HIV/AIDS care

Clinician type* End year 1 End year 3
Number of non-OB encounters with clinicians 7844/month 12 568/month
OB encounters with clinicians** 971/month 1226/month
FTEs required to meet this demand based on our productivity assumptions 15.7 non-OB clinicians
1.9 OB clinicians
14.0 nurses
38.7 social workers
13.6 pharmacists
17.4 phlebotomists
20.3 peer-counselors
25.1 non-OB clinicians
2.5 OB clinicians
14.3 nurses
social workers
38.3 pharmacists
28.2 phlebotomists
57.4 peer-counselors
  1. *Clinician calculations in table relate primarily to incremental requirements for HIV care **This category combines both ART decision-making clinicians and ART follow up care providers, which are separated in the spreadsheet model