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Table 7 Profile comparison of nursing students wanting to emigrate to the U.K., U.S., or another African country within five years of graduation.

From: Intent to migrate among nursing students in Uganda: Measures of the brain drain in the next generation of health professionals

U.K.-bound characteristics U.S.-bound characteristics
49.3% responded "highly likely" to emigrate to U.K.
• Believes it is unsafe to work in rural Uganda
• Would emigrate to a more stable country
• Believes pay in Europe brings high satisfaction
• Has desired to move abroad since childhood
• Would not want to work in a rural area
• Expects control over practice, having family/social
support, providing for family if working abroad
• Is not from the central (urban) region of Uganda
Did not live in a rural area prior to age 17
48.8% responded "highly likely" to emigrate to U.S.
• Would emigrate to a more stable country even if financial offer is
Overlapping characteristics between U.S.- & U.K.-bound African country-bound characteristics
• Would emigrate for financial reasons
• Expects job matched to skill, able to increase
in rank, & job satisfaction if working abroad
• Expects occupational risk if working abroad
• Had mother who completed tertiary education
26.9% responded "highly likely" to emigrate to another African country
• Believes pay in other African countries brings high satisfaction
• Believes he/she is a role model for other people
• Expects not to have control over practice of working abroad
• Male gender