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Table 2 Factor loadings, variance explained and Cronbach's alpha reliability coefficients for the 14-item Health Care Providers Work Index.

From: Measuring and managing the work environment of the mid-level provider – the neglected human resource

Subscale 1: Adequate resources (16.7%, α = .75)
.85 Enough staff to provide quality patient care
.77 Enough staff to get the work done
.64 Opportunity to work on a highly specialized patient care unit
.48 Enough time and opportunity to discuss patient care problems with other staff
Subscale 2: Management support (16.3%, α = .76)
.80 A manager who is a good manager and leader
.74 A manager who backs up the staff in decision-making, even if the conflict is with a more qualified member of staff
.69 Hospital/clinic managers support and value health workers
Subscale 3: Working relationships (14.4%, α = .65)
.44 Doctors, nurses and other health workers have good working relationships
.81 Collaboration (joint practice) between different cadres of health workers
.66 A lot of teamwork between the different cadres of health workers
.56 Adequate support services allow health workers to spend time with patients
Subscale 4: Control over practice (11.8%, α = .54)
.74 Freedom to make important patient care and work decisions
.67 Patient care assignments that foster continuity of care, i.e. the same health workers care for the patient from one day to the next
.56 Health professionals control their own practice