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Table 2 Details of courses

From: Training evaluation: a case study of training Iranian health managers

Title Location Date (duration) Summary of content Number of participants
Health system decentralization NCIHD Leeds, UK January 2005
(5 weeks)
Health policy & planning; health economics; public health interventions; effective decentralization 8
Clinical governance NCIHD Leeds, UK February 2005
(5 weeks)
Health systems development; quality improvement; planning cycle; measuring performance 5
Health planning, management and policy NCIHD Leeds, UK September – December 2005
(10 weeks)
Health Management, Planning and Policy 6
Policy context for health sector reform NPMC Tabriz, Iran May 2005
(1 week)
Health sector reforms; equity; Iranian health policy context; health financing; priority setting 21
Planning and organization of health sector reform NPMC Tabriz, Iran July 2005
(1 week)
Information for planning; strategic and leadership skills; communication skills; team work; problem analysis; project management 18
Resources management for health sector reform NPMC Tabriz, Iran August 2005
(1 week)
Resources; capacity strengthening; quality assessment; monitoring and evaluation; stakeholder involvement; dissemination 21
Training of trainers (TOT) NPMC Tabriz, Iran October 2005
(1 week)
Identifying training needs; learning outcomes; effective presentations; small learning groups; training course practicalities; evaluation 30