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Table 3 Identified human resource related problems, perceived causes and suggested interventions

From: Existing capacity to manage pharmaceuticals and related commodities in East Africa: an assessment with specific reference to antiretroviral therapy

Identified problem Perceived cause Suggested intervention
Inefficient selection of medicines • Lack of training on selection methods • Training on selection
Drug shortages/Expiries • Inappropriate quantification methods Poor inventory management practices • Training on quantification methods • Training on inventory management
Inappropriate prescribing • Inadequate training • Insufficient number of prescribers • Training on appropriate prescribing • Training more prescribers • Review prescribing laws and regulations to allow more health care cadres to prescribe
Inappropriate dispensing • Inadequate training • Training healthcare workers on appropriate dispensing practices
Non-adherence to ART • Inadequate counseling • Inadequate monitoring and reporting • Build skills on appropriate counseling techniques • Training on monitoring and reporting
Inadequate levels of staffing • Limited funding for training and education • Poor remuneration and working conditions • Mobilization of more funding for training and education • Improve remuneration and working conditions
Geographical staffing inequity • Preference for working in certain geographical locations such as cities • Introduce incentives for working in non attractive areas