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Table 3 Examples of pedagogical techniques

From: Programme evaluation training for health professionals in francophone Africa: process, competence acquisition and use

Technique Content Description
Simulation Ethical dilemma of negotiation with a client A client asks an evaluator to change his evaluation design to please a funding agency. Two groups of students receive the same case description; one is in favor of the request, and the other against.
Drawing Definition of the evaluation Each student must produce a drawing representing his or her perception of the evaluation (see additional file 1)
  Logic model Each team of students must prepare a graphic representation of the constituent elements of a programme's logic (see additional file 2)
Case study Theory of intervention Each team must determine the theory of the intervention with its various components based upon a real case: the referral system for obstetrical emergencies at Kayes in Mali.
Problem-based learning Evaluation plan Each team must draw up an evaluation plan for a health district in Burkina Faso.
Debate Evaluation profession A senior public health consultant is invited to discuss with the class the profession in Africa. Students must prepare questions in advance.