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Table 3 Comparison of counseling provided by lay counsellors and HCWs from client exit interviews (n = 95)

From: Task-shifting HIV counselling and testing services in Zambia: the role of lay counsellors

Question % of clients responding "yes" who were counseled by  
  Lay Counsellors HCWs p-value
Did staff/counsellor fully explain what to expect at the CT site? 98.5% 96.4% p > 0.05
Did the counsellor make you comfortable talking to him/her? 97.0% 100.0% p > 0.05
Did the counsellor display good skills in his/her counselling session? 98.5% 96.4% p > 0.05
Were you given the necessary information you need about HIV/AIDS? 94.0% 100.0% p > 0.05
Did the counsellor help you to identify ways of reducing your exposure to HIV? 94.0% 100.0% p > 0.05
Overall, were the services you received at the CT centre satisfactory? 97.0% 100.0% p > 0.05