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Table 1 Types of employment rights for the categories of permanent and non-permanent workers in the UHS-BH, 2002–2006

From: Employment and sociodemographic characteristics: a study of increasing precarity in the health districts of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Employment rights Category of employment
  Non-permanent worker Permanent worker
  Political appointment Temporary contract Subcontract Trainee Municipal Health Secretariat of the City of Belo Horizonte (SMSA-BH)
Entry Nomination Application Application Selection Public competitive examination
Working week 40 hours exclusive contract. 40 hours per week 44 hours 20 hours
30 hours (subcontractor)
20 hours
or more
Holidays 25 working days 20 days every 12 months
(when less than 3 absences during the period)
30 calendar days Not specified 25 working days
13th Salary 1/12 year worked 1/12 year worked 1/12 year worked Not specified 1/12 year worked
Sick leave Time necessary for recuperation Maximum of 2 days per month Time necessary for recuperation Not specified Time necessary for recuperation
Validity of contract or competitive examination Duration of political mandate 6 months, renewable 4 times Indefinite 6 months to 2 years
Indefinite (subcontractor)
Permanent after 730 days worked.
Prior Notice Not specified 15 calendar days 30 calendar days Not specified 30 calendar days
Increase According to Public Service increments Not specified Collective negotiations Not specified Collective negotiations
  1. Source: Produced by the authors from data provided by GGTE/SMSA-BH – 2007.