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Table 2 Leave and other specific rights: political appointees and full-time workers, UHS-BH, 2006

From: Employment and sociodemographic characteristics: a study of increasing precarity in the health districts of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Political appointees Permanent workers
Leave Leave
Maternity Maternity
Adoption Adoption
Infant feeding Infant feeding
Paternity Paternity
Taking care of sick family member Taking care of sick family member
Accident at work Accident at work
  Taking care of spouse or partner
  Military service
  Election candidate
  Personal business
  Professional training
Entitlement Entitlement
None Retirement
  Good attendance bonus
  Five-year length of service bonus
  Special workday for students
  Shorter workday to take care of dependent with special needs
  Transport voucher
  Meal voucher
  Time allowance for decease/death of relatives; blood donation, jury, military or administrative service; marriage; force majeure; voter registration or military conscription process and designated off-duty periods – compensation for hours worked in special cases.
  1. Source: Produced by the authors from data obtained from the Belo Horizonte Municipal Authority Internet Site – 2007.