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Table 3 Categories of employment status of health service providers (doctors, nurses, midwives)

From: Human resources for health at the district level in Indonesia: the smoke and mirrors of decentralization

Status Category   Employer
Permanent civil servant PNS Central government See Additional file. 1.
Central contract PTT Central government or, in the case of a small number of doctors, local government. See Additional file. 2.
Local contract Kontrak/honorer Local government, health facility using funds from the local government. Doctor, nurse or midwife who works for a health facility on a local government contract. The level of pay and terms are usually less favourable than those for a PTT. Paid, hired and fired by the district government from its own budget. Terms and conditions of their employment are not well documented, but there seems to be variation between facilities and districts.
Volunteer Sukwan Health facility using locally generated funds. Doctor, nurse or midwife who works as a "volunteer" at the health facility under a short-term informal "contract". They receive some payment directly from the facility and usually hope that their work as a volunteer will eventually lead to a longer-term contract and/or PNS.
Monthly contract Bidan harian lepas Health facility using funds provided by the province. Village midwife employed on a monthly basis. This category of provider is used only in West Java Province since 2005.
Private practice Praktek swasta Self Doctors, nurses or midwives who work primarily on their own account as private practitioners and do not have a primary appointment with, or receive a salary from, the government. This category does not include doctors and midwives whose primary appointment is with the government but who also have a private practice after office hours.